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AET Academic Summer Camp Flyer

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

AET Academic Camp is an enhanced academic training held in EU for both undergraduate/graduate students and young researchers. Rather than pure English language improvement, it is mainly concentrated on delivering high quality professional knowledge, covering diversified disciplines such as design, manufacturing, measurement, materials and IT. All the courses will be given by invited distinguished professors and industrial leaders from various countries. For group delegates, we are glad to offer customized curriculum specially addressing your unique requirements.

AET also provides English language courses for students of different ages and levels of English, including IELTS preparation, all held in Ireland – a best English speaking environment.

What the camp offers:

• Over 100 members from universities and companies across EU

• All courses held in Ireland – pure English-speaking environment

• Technical tour to universities and companies

• Attractive tour of culture and history

• Professional and experienced teachers

• Low price, high quality, better future!

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