Mould Design and Manufacturing

I. High Quality Moulds

MNA Innovation has developed very unique expertise and equipment to produce high-quality moulds. By these high-precision and well-finished moulds, we can directly produce regular or freeform components in an efficient and cost-effective way. We have saved over 50% cost for some customers by improving their manufacturing strategy and process chain.


We here at MNA Innovation are ready to design, prototype, analyse, manufacture and measure the perfect mould for you, for such complex mould designs for use in AR/VR lenses, biomedical microfluidic chips and process chain development.

II. Precision Injection Moulding

MNA innovation has designed and fabricated a standard microfluidic injection moulding platform, which can fabricate microfluidic chips with standard interface. We have been working on plastic microfluidic chip design, microstructured mould tool fabrication, chip prototyping, micro replication using micro injection moulding and hot embossing, various chip bonding and testing for many years. We are ready to help our customer to develop prototype and small to medium quantity production methods of their innovative microfluidic design.  

We have also designed a series of standard ready to use microfluidic chips for mixing and droplet generation. Such chips have secure, easy to use interface for laboratory experiments. Materials for fabrication of these chip can be customized for each customer. Current available materials include COC (Cyclic olefin copolymer), COP(Cyclic olefin polymer) PMMA (Poly(methyl methacrylate)), PS (Poly(styrene)) and PC (Polycarbonate).

III. Precision Mould Tool Inserts

MNA innovation is specialized in precision and ultra-precision manufacturing. We provide microstructured mould tool inserts for injection moulding, hot embossing and nanoimprinting. Such tools can be either manufactured using precision machining or UV-LIGA process dependent on our customers’ requirement.

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