We work with you from the first concept of your design, right through to the finished product


We prototype to help ascertain the optimal method of production for your component


We manufacture your required product to very high precision and tolerances using a variety of manufacturing processes


We use ultra-precision measurement devices  to ensure the product and solution we provide you with sub micron level accuracy 


Our expertise includes ultra-precision measurement of regular forms, complex surfaces, micro/nano functional structures, covering the surface profiles, forms, textures and roughness, along with precise process monitoring and control.

Ultra-precision measurement is significant for the development of high-end products. We aim at bridging the state-of-the-art ultra-precision measurement technologies to industrial implementation to achieve accurate manufacturing of complex surfaces and functional structures down to micro/nano scale in mass production.​

Ultra-precision measurement includes:
  • Customization of ultra-precision measuring system

  • Customization of online measuring system

  • Online detection of cutting tools profile by microscope imaging

  • Detecting of micro vibration of spindle

  • High resolution digital imaging by optical microscope

  • 3D measurement on surface profile, form, texture, roughness

  • High resolution surface inspection

  • Properties analysis by XPS

  • Inspection on microstructures by TEM

  • Nano scale surface measurement by AFM