Freeform and Structured Surfaces

MNA Innovation is specialized in designing and manufacturing freeform parts and micro-structured functional surfaces on various materials, such as metals, polymers, semiconductors and ceramics.

We start to work with our customers to understand their functional needs, and then develop most suitable design concepts and prototype it. We then develop process chains for mass production of our customer’s products.

I. Freeform Surfaces
II. Structured Surfaces
I. Structured and Functional Surfaces

MNA Innovation is specialized in design and manufacturing of structured functional surfaces on various materials, such as metal, polymer and glass. We have many years experience in micro/nano machining and precision micro/nano replication.

Such surface structures/textures in the micro/nano range have shown a wide range of applications in light management, anti-biofouling, drug delivery, hydrophilic and hydrophobic surfaces, and low friction surfaces. MNA Innovation is interested in working with our customers in developing innovative surface micro/nano structures for their novel applications. We are specialized in development of concept, prototyping and mass production of these novel products.

II. Freeform Surfaces

We have unique expertise and rich experience to develop the whole process chain for production of complex freeform parts, covering design and modelling, freeform manufacturing, in process metrology, equipment & cutting tools customization, process control and automation, etc. A wide range of materials are covered, such as metal, glass, polymer, semiconductor, ceramic. Based on the above abilities, MNA is also capable of developing versatile high-end applications addressing various industrial sectors by providing innovative even disruptive products and service.

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