Process Chain

MNA Innovation provides the overall technical solution on precision and ultra-precision manufacturing. Our process chain covers the design, manufacturing, metrology and equipment customization of;

  • Precision Machining

  • Ultra-precision Machining

  • Ultra-precision Measurement

  • Customization of Machines and Cutting Tools

We have unique expertise and rich experience to develop the whole process chain for production of freeform parts, covering design and modelling, manufacturing, metrology and functionality evaluation, customized equipment and cutting tools, process control strategy and automation, etc. A wide range of materials are covered, such as metals, glasses, polymers, semiconductors, ceramics. We provide technical support either for prototyping or mas production. Based on the above abilities, MNA is also capable of developing versatile high-end applications addressing various industrial sectors by providing innovative products and service.

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We work closely with each customer to find the optimal design and offer advanced solutions to their products. 


Out expert engineers draw on their wealth of knowledge to find this optimal solution that satisfies our customers specifications and tolerances.  


A crucial step along the way to a finished product is the prototyping stage. 


During this stage, we can determine the functionality, preciseness, quality and offer insight into further improvements so that we can offer each customer our most suitable solutions. 

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Using state of the art metrology equipment, we can accurately evaluate the surface topography of the surface profile to determine the form, texture and roughness at nanometer resolution.  

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