Ultra-precision Manufacturing

R & D

Based on our ultra-precision manufacturing expertise, some innovative products are driven into applications, such as:

Micro Needles

Microneedle is a new type of medical devices for drug delivery. MNA innovation has developed tailored manufacturing process for producing metal microneedle arrays with tapered design.

Plastic Micro-Structured Surfaces

Prototyping and small quantity production of plastic micro-structured surfaces: MNA innovation is specialized in development manufacturing process for microstructured surface on various materials, such as metal, polymer and ceramics. We have many years experience in precision electroforming and micro/nano replication. It can be applied to bio-medical device and microfluidics. 

Moulds for Polymeric Micro/Nano Devices

MNA innovation is specialized in mould design and manufacturing for prototyping and production of medical and optical devices. We provide consultant service to help customers throughout development process of product from prototyping to production. By combining our expertise in ultra-precision manufacturing, we provide moulds with micro/nano features or freeform optical surfaces.