Our expertise includes ultra-precision measurement of regular forms, complex surfaces, micro/nano functional structures, covering the surface profiles, forms, textures and roughness, along with precise process monitoring and control.

Ultra-precision measurement is significant for the development of high-end products. We aim at bridging the state-of-the-art ultra-precision measurement technologies to industrial implementation to achieve accurate manufacturing of complex surfaces and functional structures down to micro/nano scale in mass production.

Ultra-precision measurement and inspection

  • Customization of ultra-precision measuring system
  • Development of on-machibe/in-process measuring system
  • Online detection of cutting tools profile by microscope imaging
  • Detection of micro vibration of spindle
  • High resolution digital imaging
  • 3D measurement on surface profile, form, texture, and roughness
  • High resolution surface inspection
  • Properties analysis by XPS
  • Inspection on microstructures by TEM
  • Nano scale surface measurement by AFM

Typical Available Instruments

  • High Precision Optical Microscope

  • 3D Surface Measurement Equipment