Medical Devices


MNA Innovation has applied the ultra-precision freeform machining expertise on development of novel medical devices, such as microneedles, sterile scalpel, etc.

1. Microneedle

Microneedles: with the development of precision machining and micro fabrication technologies, needles have shrunk their size into micro scale, but large enough to delivery almost any drugs, and it is still small enough to avoid pain, fear and the need for expert training to administer. MNA is specialized in develop metal and polymer micro needles based to ultra-precision machining, precision injection moulding and quality control. 

2. Micro/nano featured sterile scalpel 

MNA Innovation is developing the next generation sterile surgical tools with micro/nano featured surfaces.

Such kind of  scalpels have very unique advantages, such as: 1) better cutting efficiency of soft tissue but less

trauma; 2) enhanced excellent antibacterial capability.