Our expertise includes ultra-precision machining of regular forms, complex surfaces, micro/nano functional structures, and corresponding ultra-precision measurement of the surface profiles, forms, textures and roughness, along with precise process monitoring and control.

Ultra-precision machining is significant for the development of high-end products such as imaging systems, LED illumination, 3D display, turbine blades, high precision moulding, bio-medical implants, and laser systems.

We aim at bridging the state-of-the-art ultra-precision technologies to industrial implementation, especially providing overall technical solutions, including equipment/process customization, to achieve efficient but accurate manufacturing of complex surfaces and functional structures down to micro/nano scale in mass production.

Complex Surfaces Manufacturing

  • Spherical surfaces
  • Aspheric surfaces
  • Off-axis surfaces
  • Freeform surfaces
  • Micro/nano functional structures and arrays
  • Complex surfaces for moulds

Multi-functional Machine Tools

Ultra-precision Manufacturing

MNA Innovation has developed micro/nano manufacturing expertise for tooling and replication.

  • Tooling: ultra-precision machining, freeform machining, UV LIGA and precision electroforming
  • Replication: micro injection moulding, hot embossing and nanoimprinting

Brittle Materials Machining

MNA Innovation develops unique expertise on manufacturing of various materials, even achieving extremely high surface quality and form accuracy on brittle materials. 

Mould Machining: Ultra-Precision Machining of Tool and Mould Steel